Should you rent Iridium or BGAN?

Most people rent Iridium satellite phones for a one-time need such as a hunting or vacation trip.  A satellite phone is especially relevant if you are traveling to a remote location like Alaska where cellular communication is unavailable.   It is critical … Continue reading

Review of Iridium PTT

In mid-2015, Iridium launched its long awaited satellite Push-to-Talk (Iridium PTT) service.  Iridium PTT has now received the “Top Emergency Response Innovation” award during the Mobile Satellite Users Association 2016 Mobility Satellite Innovation Awards at SATELLITE 2016.  Iridium PTT uses mobile handheld satellite phones … Continue reading

Reducing Internet Usage on Macintosh Computers

Reducing internet usage on Inmarsat IsatHub or Inmarsat BGAN terminals is critical to controlling your budget.   Simply changes to the Mac’s configuration are effective in reducing internet usage by eliminating unnecessary background programs.  Here is what we suggest. Reducing internet usage by Macintosh computers In … Continue reading