Clever Trick with Iridium GO Email Cuts Costs

Checking Your Iridium GO Email Account Requires Using Iridium Airtime It is true that accessing the email address that Iridium provides when your register your Iridium GO! always requires that you use expensive Iridium airtime.   Many of Outfitter Satellites customers would like to check … Continue reading

Extreme Personal GPS Tracking Device

Is someone in your family hunting, hiking, or fishing in a remote location?   Do you know where they are now?  The Iridium 9575 EXTREME offers worry free GPS tracking. Read on to find out more! Personal GPS Tracking Device The Iridium … Continue reading

7 Veterans Challenge Denali: Iridium GO! Rental Sponsorship

Outfitter Satellite is proud to sponsor the veterans currently climbing Denali’s summit.  Read on to learn more … About Veterans Expeditions (VetEx) and their Mission to Reach Denali’s Summit VetEx is taking a team of seven veterans up to Denali’s summit, the … Continue reading